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Training Webinar 2: How To Structure a Process

In our first training session, The Basics!, we tackled making a basic flow and publishing those changes into the live environment. In this second session, we walk you through how to structure a larger process in ProcedureFlow.


If you are new to process mapping, it might seem intimidating at first, but process mapping in ProcedureFlow is fun! ProcedureFlow has a simplified shape set, one connector arrow and hyperlinks that allow you to keep your processes neat and organized. If you've had previous experience with process mapping in general flowchart tools (like Microsoft Visio), we think you will really enjoy this simplified approach to mapping complex processes. In this webinar we show you: 

  • The importance of a good backstory
  • How to “go back and continue”
  • How to build a vertical spine

These simple techniques will skyrocket your process mapping career!

Make sure to register for the 3rd session, where you’ll learn how to make beautiful flows for big ugly systems! See you next time!