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Top 30 Customer Service Influencers

Top 30 Customer Service Influencers At ProcedureFlow

At ProcedureFlow, we feel incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing group of employees, customers, and partners from around the world. However, we often don’t talk enough about how much we love the community that ProcedureFlow is apart of.

So, for the second year in a row, we’ve compiled a list of 30 of our top industry influencers. Last year, we highlighted our Top 30 Contact Center Influencers for you to follow and check out. This year, we’ve gathered our Top 30 Customer Service Influencers. If you’re looking for customer service tips and tricks from the best in the business, be sure to give our influencers below a follow (listed in no particular order).

  1. Jeff Toister: Author, keynote speaker, and founder of Toister Performance Solutions. Jeff’s mission is to help you get your employees obsessed with customer service.
  2. Mike Aoki: President of Reflective Keynotes, Mike is a sales and customer service trainer for contact centers. His motto? “Make every customer conversation count!”
  3. Brad Cleveland: Bestselling author, consultant, and speaker. Brad was the former President and CEO of ICMI, and is known globally as an expert in customer strategy.
  4. Nate Brown: Co-founder of CX Accelerator, Nate is a blogger and speaker who loves to bring creativity to customer service.
  5. Jenny Sue Dempsey: Jenny is a customer service and customer experience manager and a CX  consultant, blogger, and speaker. She’s also a certified health coach who provides self-care coaching workshops for customer service agents and managers.
  6. Justin Robbins: Call center agent turned communications evangelist and keynote speaker. Justin can be seen featured by NY Times, NBC Nightly News, and iHeart Media.
  7. Colin Taylor: Contact Center, Customer Service, and CX Consultant. CEO of the Taylor Reach Group, Colin has 35+ years of experience in contact centers, and has won 27 awards for operational excellence throughout his career.
  8. Andrew Gilliam: Andrew is an IT professional who specializes in delivering amazing customer service and support. He’s a writer, speaker, and overall thought leader.
  9. Nick Kossovan: Nick is a call center management professional with international management experience. He believes providing successful customer service is a strong competitive differentiator.
  10. Sheila McGee-Smith: Sheila is the founder and principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics. She’s a leading communications industry analyst and strategic consultant. Her Twitter account is home to her top customer service and CX picks and tips.  
  11. Andrew Neff: An award-winning marketing leader that helps companies build credibility. Andrew is a thought leader with many focuses, including customer experience, internet marketing, cloud and Saas, and more.
  12. Neal Topf: As the President of Callzilla, Neal is naturally a customer service expert and a customer experience guru. He believes in delivering customer experience-focused customer care solutions.
  13. Chris Brooks: Chris is a customer experience specialist, speaker, and podcast host. Located in London, England, Chris is CEO of Clientship, an international customer strategy consulting firm.
  14. Steve DiGioia: A “Customer Service Crusader”, Steve is an author, speaker, and customer service trainer. He’s been featured by multiple industry publications, including ICMI, Call Centre Helper and MyCustomer.
  15. Jacob Shields: Specializing in leadership, team building, and contact centers, Jacob Shields is the Director of Customer Experience & Technology at CCI Systems, Inc. Check out his Twitter account for customer service and customer experience inspiration.
  16. Ricardo S Gulko: As a global strategist and managing director at Eglobalis, a German consulting agency, Ricardo is a seasoned customer-centric and transformational leader.
  17. Erica Marois: Erica is a content marketing specialist at 8x8. She has a passion for building and growing communities, with a background in customer experience and contact centers.
  18. Sangeeta Bhatnagar: Sangeeta is the Principal of SB Global, and has over 20 years of experience in the contact center industry. An expert in recruitment and retention, check out Sangeeta’s account for her customer service favourites.
  19. Sue Duris: Sue is a CX and marketing evangelist at M4 Communications. She believes in creating customer-centric organizations, and that the customer should always be your focal point. Follow her on Twitter for the weekly #CXChat. 
  20. Tiago Paiva: Tiago is the founder of Talkdesk, so he naturally has a strong sense of successful customer service and customer experience.
  21. Susan Hash: Susan is a B2B writer and editor who tweets about customer service, customer experience, CX management, contact centers, and general industry trends.
  22. Carolyn Blunt: Carolyn is a contact centre development expert and managing director at Ember Real Results. She’s also a CX professional speaker and author, who uses her Twitter account to connect with the industry.
  23. Leslie O’Flahavan: Leslie is a customer service writing expert and writing teacher. Leslie is full of customer service knowledge, and her Twitter account reflects just that.
  24. Stephanie Thum: Stephanie is a Certified Customer Experience Professional, and the founding principal of Practical CX. As a strong thought leader, Stephanie’s account is a go-to for inspiring content.
  25. Rosetta Lue: Rosetta is a pioneer of the Government CX industry, and has dedicated her entire career to bettering the lives of everyone around her through her work. She has a passion for establishing welcoming and innovative customer service experiences.  
  26. Bill Quiseng: Bill is an award-winning speaker, blogger, writer and all-around expert in the field of customer service. With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Bill has achieved countless recognitions for his strong customer service and customer experience insight.
  27. Al Hopper: Al is a customer service and experience leader who enjoys building teams, and seeking new ways to connect customers with the companies that serve them.
  28. Jeremy Watkin: Jeremy has a passion for bringing the right people and technology together to deliver awesome customer experiences. Follow him for the latest customer service insights.
  29. Micah Solomon: Micah is a customer service keynote speaker and customer experience consultant. Micah is a senior contributor to Forbes.com, and has been named “The New Guru of Customer Service Excellence” by The Financial Post.
  30. Martin Hill-Wilson: Martin is an independent consultant with a long-standing track record in customer engagement strategy and implementation. He’s a well known international speaker who touches on many topics, such as the future of customer service, the impact of AI in contact centers, and the growth in emotive CX for customer interaction.

We hope you enjoyed taking a look into some of our top customer service influencers, as much as we enjoyed writing about them. Think of anyone we might have missed? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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